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‘The Acorn calendar is bigger than a regular calendar available on smart devices.’

~ Acorn Member

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Breda, Co.Meath, Acorn User

“People our age say `Ah, I couldn’t be bothered with those things`, but it’s actually very simple!

I feel confident using it. I’m not afraid to play around with it. I don’t know what it was before this but I’ve no problem now, I play away with it. I probably use it mostly for sending emails and maybe googling stuff, it’s very good. I have Netflix on it now too. I had a little knowledge, you know, I just knew a little bit before I started, but you know I think people of our age group are a little bit nervous, you know when they see them they go, `I couldn’t be bothered with them things, don’t know how the young ones do it` – but it’s actually really simple. As my daughter said to me, `It’s only a machine mammy, it does what you tell it to` and as I said you can play around with it. It’s just that our generation wouldn’t be used to all this, but I found it really good.”

Una, Co.Limerick, Acorn User

“My friend can’t wait for it to be on sale.”

I google a lot because I’m a painter and I also do art therapy. I’ve used google as a tool for my work for years but I have Macular Degeneration which isn’t a great thing to have if you are a painter. It distorts your eye sight and my phone is only so big and google was tiny on it. So, I find the Acorn device absolutely brilliant. As well as that, I find that if you are copying something or showing somebody something, with the phone you have to keep tapping to keep the picture there but with the Acorn it just stays. It’s lovely. Our brains are that bit slower than they used to be and everything seems to be self-explanatory really on the Acorn and there is nothing to go wrong. It’s just very simple. My friend can’t wait for it to be on sale. It’s actually light years ahead of the phone that she is using at the moment, the Acorn is, but straight away she understood it. That will tell you how simple it is.

Margaret, Co.Meath, Acorn User

“If somebody took my tablet off me I’d be really disappointed.”

My daughter-in-law asked me would I like to join an Acorn class, I didn’t go to school past primary. My family would have tablets and that at home but I’d never touch them because I’d say if I turn that on, or even try, I’ll break it. So I just kept away from all of that. Anyway, my daughter-in-law said to me would I join it and I was very nervous about it, and, anyway I thought, well everything is getting very technical, so maybe I’ll have a go at it and she told me if I couldn’t manage it I could drop out so that left me a bit more relaxed about it and I came up to the first class and sat way at the back. I was so nervous because I couldn’t spell or do stuff like that, I was really worried that I would be embarrassed by the whole thing, and anyway I actually enjoyed the class, and I have to say the tutors were absolutely brilliant, from then on I enjoyed the class. I really enjoyed the whole thing I actually looked forward to the class. I’m impressed with what I learned because, it may not have been very much but I can receive emails and send emails, and I can do stuff that I thought I would never be able to do. I’m more of an outdoor person but, if somebody took my tablet off me I’d be really disappointed.